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How do you beat the psychic divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce is a broad term for many separations. On paper, it is the dissolution of the marital contract between you and your ex in the eyes of the state. But that is not all divorce affects. No matter how long your marriage lasted, you put emotional labor into that bond, established a joint community of friends and lived your life as one half of a whole. 

Now that the divorce is underway or even finalized, you still have a lot to sort through. The psychic divorce is an abstract term that refers to reasserting your individuality and personhood outside of your former partner. While there is little attached in the way of material goods regarding the subject, it is still a very real and emotional task. 

The psychic split 

According to Psychology Today, many people come to associate their identity with their role as a spouse or parent. A divorce, in these cases, affects your very sense of self. This becomes harder to untangle as many of your friends and family connect through you as a couple. 

Becoming your own you again 

There are several methods of establishing yourself as an individual. Personal reflection can include identifying your strengths and weaknesses that stand apart from your former relationships. Relying on friends you had prior to the marriage or making more in the aftermath creates new bonds that may provide a new way to define yourself. Seeking out professional help to sort through these rough emotions may help you find your bearings. 

Be the best self you can be despite these trying times. With resources to make your divorce smoother and support to help reestablish yourself, you can move forward with your new life and your reinvented self.