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Recent divorce rates tag Arkansas as US highest

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce rates have been dropping in general over the last ten years according to recent census studies. But state-specific drops have proven more erratic to pin down. Regardless of what state a couple is married in, it is important to be aware of the statistics as well as the proposed causes of what may exacerbate divorce risk. 

Talkbusiness reports what the census bureau has to say in its estimation. 

2008 VS 2018 

The census bureau conducted their survey finding that the top three reasons of divorce were incompatibility (43%), infidelity (28%) and money issues (22%). Communication or the lack thereof representing the leading culprit in many of those situations. Lack of commitment proved to be another big factor in divorces. 

Arkansas led the nation with a divorce rate of 14% in 2008. It has since decreased to 13% in 2018 but still remains more than 4% higher than neighboring states like Missouri, Texas and Mississippi. 

Arkansas specifics 

Compared to the national average age of marriage (29.5 years for men, 27.4 years for women), Arkansas is in the top five states of youngest marrying ages (26.3 years for men, 24.8 years for women). 

Despite the highest divorce rate, Arkansas ranks 20th in marriage rates — seeing a steep drop of nearly 7% (17.9% down from 24.5%) 

Rates were calculated based on women who were married or divorced within the last year. 

Nobody gets married to get divorce, but it remains a reality that every married couple has to understand. Knowing the broad data can help clear through confusion. Having the right help and resources at hand can resolve divorce cases smoothly.