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How fathers may win child custody

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Child Custody

According to Very Well Family, when a father wants to obtain either a joint or full child custody, they should continue paying the regular child support payments. If the father has any informal arrangement with the mother of the child, they may keep all the records. These records may include all the check receipts or any written letter from the other partner concerning the support arrangements of the child and what has been received so far. However, when the father faces struggles with the support payments, they may request for modification.

Similarly, they may build a strong relationship with their child. When the child is in the mother’s custody, the father may frequently call the child and check on them. Additionally, they may stop by the child’s school and introduce themselves to the administration. They should often check the progress of their child and offer any necessary assistance. Furthermore, they should attend all the essential social and school gatherings. Doing so may provide evidence of the continuing relationship with the child.

According to LegalZoom, they should build a good relationship with their ex. When deciding on custody, the court may consider where the child may thrive best and where they can have meaningful and frequent contact with the parents. Therefore, the law will instruct the judge to choose the parent who promotes the child’s relationship with the other partner. They should bury the hatchet with their ex on matters concerning the child so as to win custody.

Similarly, winning child custody may depend on their new relationships, apart from that between their children and the ex-wife. The courts may consider their close associates. Therefore, they should avoid exposing their new partner to the children before the child custody case gets decided.