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One bad apple … AG Sessions applies analogy to troublesome cops

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Firm News

OK, they’re not all good.

And the problematic behaviors of some of them are unquestionably the catalyst that drives community mistrust in communities across the country.

So said — “admitted” might be an even more apt descriptor — the nation’s Attorney General when speaking last week at a conference of prominent black law enforcers.

What AG Jeff Sessions told an audience from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives was reportedly surprising, given past comments of the government’s highest-placed legal official that have manifestly underscored his avowed support for tough policing and harsh criminal law outcomes.

As the publication Politico noted in an article chronicling Sessions’ speech last week, the AG predictably delivered “his usual recitation of the ills of violence and drugs plaguing America.”

But then he added something more, namely, a personal acknowledgement that police misconduct in departments across the country is a serious trust-undermining problem that needs to be addressed and eradicated.

All it takes, Sessions told his audience, “is for one bad officer to destroy the reputations” of the majority of honest and committed law enforcers who strive daily to perform their jobs with integrity and tact.

The AG duly conceded that trust for police officers and their activities is in especially short supply in many black communities nationally, which he laments “is a trend we must reverse.”

Reasonable people everywhere, and certainly in Arkansas, fully appreciate the difficult nature of policing and the best-faith efforts made by law enforcers daily as they perform their job.

As Sessions notes, though, problems occasionally do arise. Police officers are human, after all. They sometimes make mistakes and, as Sessions notes, outlier officer sometimes act in bad faith and even unlawful ways in their community interactions.

Experienced defense attorneys advocating on behalf of clients accused of criminal misconduct look at every material facet that features in a given case. Sometimes that points to police action, whether involving search and seizure activities, evidence-related matters, personal testimony or additional considerations.

Arkansas residents with questions or concerns regarding this post’s subject matter or any other aspect of an arrest or criminal charge can contact a proven Little Rock criminal defense attorney for candid guidance and diligent legal representation.


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