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Yes, the house looms large: What do you do with it in a divorce?

In many Arkansas divorces and other decouplings across the country, the family home stands out as an outsized concern. For some readers, perhaps, the adage "elephant in the living room" comes to mind.

And, actually, it is the living room that is at issue, along with all that other square footage, the yard, the garage, maybe the dog/cat and related matters.

National legislators remain focused on federal sentencing reforms

Arkansas residents and Americans everywhere else across the country know one thing for sure about the ability of most Republicans and Democrats to get along in Washington, D.C.

And that is this: they don't.

Appoint the wrong estate executor and see what happens

Jerry Garcia and his rock bank the Grateful Dead spawned a musical legacy and song catalogue that will undoubtedly last for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, the same seems to be true for the ongoing battles occurring among principals closely linked with the deceased entertainer's estate. Garcia has been dead since 1995, and his former wives and various beneficiaries are still feuding over his assets more than 25 years later.

Special considerations for older divorcing women

Many gender-based stereotypes have rightly been discredited and have fallen by the proverbial wayside in today's world,

Notwithstanding progress, however, it would be presumptive and more than a bit foolish for any person to argue that women do not continue to face some singular challenges when compared with men, both in and outside the workplace.

Study focus: saving money if you're a DUI/DWI defendant

No Arkansas motorist ever wants to see flashing red lights in the rear-view mirror, of course, especially in the event that he or she had a drink or two (or maybe more) socializing with friends prior to getting behind the wheel and heading back home.

That day or evening comes for a good many people, though, with many of those individuals simply straying a bit over the legal line without any conscious intent to do so.

October spotlights serious national problem of domestic abuse

It is "never acceptable."

That is the delivered take on domestic violence issued recently by President Trump in a White House-authored proclamation denoting October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Drawbacks of debt settlement compared with bankruptcy, Part 2

We noted in our October 5 blog post the strong view of one industry insider that bankruptcy is a preferable option over debt settlement for consumers dealing with stark financial challenges.

Here's one reason why, notes financial adviser and columnist Liz Weston: bankruptcy typically takes much less time to go through, which can alleviate lingering concerns regarding lawsuits, continuing collection efforts and related challenges while the process is ongoing. Weston points out that, while a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can often erase a pile of worrisome debt for filers within six months, debt settlement negotiations "can take years."

How overdraft fees can get you into trouble

Of the annoying fees that banks charge for the “privilege” of accessing your money, overdraft fees are arguably the most nerve-wracking. Most banks charge $35.00 for each purchase that exceeds the amount currently in the account, on top of the actual cost of the offending purchase. So that $4.00 mocha frappuccino that overdrafts your account could cost upwards of $40.00.

A study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that these types of expenditures and fees are fairly common. They found that the fees associated with overdrafts are on purchases of less than $24.00. 

Is debt settlement a good stand-in for a bankruptcy filing?

Liz Weston is a veteran of the financial industry, being a certified financial planner and columnist on wide-ranging debt-related matters.

As Weston turns her singular insights toward examination of the so-called debt settlement realm, she admittedly thinks back to a period not so long ago when settlement companies operated widely and frenetically in what she calls "Wild West" mode.

Student's debt woes yield a detrimental domino effect nationally

Imagine a relatively mature Arkansas resident or individual living elsewhere in the country who has stockpiled an appreciable pile of wealth through hard work engaged in over decades.

It is logically possible for such a person to feel sorry when hearing about younger people incurring frighteningly high debt loads to go to school, but to feel at the same time that their misfortune does not remotely touch upon the wealth that he or she has set aside, or its future increase.

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