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Growing up wealthy: concerns regarding asset transfer, inheritances

Maybe you've got what you regard as relatively modest holdings, which you have worked long and hard for. You want to ensure that your assets are smartly handled in your estate plan, and in a manner that best promotes the interests and well-being of future generations.

Or perhaps you're possessed of flatly outsized wealth, as is the case with several interviewees in a recent national news report focused on special estate planning considerations of truly well-heeled individuals. No third party would reasonably regard your financial bottom line as being "modest." Indeed, it might include several palatial homes, a private jet, a booming business and investment vehicles holding hundreds of millions of dollars.

Debt buyers not bound by FDCPA

There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. How much weight courts should give those differing perspectives is a topic of much legal debate. Prevailing views on the subject can change over time and so they have recently regarding the legal means for stopping creditor harassment.

It was just over a year ago that we offered up a series of entries on this blog about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. At the time, there was a view that FDCPA's restrictions on debt collector strategies deemed abusive or deceptive would apply not only to agencies collecting for creditors, but also to companies that buy the debt and then go after consumers for whatever they can get. Things have changed.

For family's sake, fathers should know their FMLA rights

Society puts a lot of stock in family. It's not surprising. Most experts will tell you that without parents and children, the values that serve as the foundation of social structures might fade away.

However, what constituted norms a few decades ago are not the same today. The concept of family being a mother, father and children is not as prevalent as it used to be. Same-gender parents are more common than ever. So are single-parent families. Amid social change, the law and employment worlds often lag behind. Attorneys skilled in family law know this and stand ready to help protect parent rights.

Insiders' viewpoint: return of mandatory minimums harsh, misaligned

Wrong. Inefficient. Unfair.

Those and a host of similar terms are used by a tandem team of writers in a recent national news commentary spotlighting the recent resurgence of so-called mandatory minimums in federal sentencing.

High net worth divorce: obviously, financial stakes can be huge

Although it is certainly true that common concerns often feature in divorce, regardless of where a decoupling resides on a simple-to-complex register, it is unquestionable that so-called "high net worth" dissolutions yield a host of differentiated and singular considerations.

And those frequently revolve around varied and significant assets. We note on a relevant page of our website at the Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that, "While any divorce may involve complex financial matters, the stakes are raised in a high net worth divorce."

A few estate planning considerations for same-sex couples

Although a progressive sense of certainty is attaching to many legal considerations relevant to same-sex couples in Arkansas and across the country, no reasonable person would ever contend that progress -- the march toward comprehensive recognition of same-sex rights and full equality for partners in that demographic under state and federal laws -- has been seamless and unremittingly steady.

That reality -- that things are getting better but still far from perfect -- is quickly and explicitly recognized in a recent national news piece that stresses the importance for same-sex couples to promote some fundamental certainty in their relationship through sound estate planning.

SCOTUS rules in military divorce retirement-pay matter

We spotlighted a military divorce case in our blog a few months back, informing our readers across Arkansas with interest in the matter that we would timely update the story at a relevant juncture as it worked its way through the courts.

Given that nothing is more relevant in the judicial realm than a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on appeal, we now turn to that update, in the wake of a SCOTUS decision recently that materially affected the above-cited case.

Confronting, seeking to deal purposefully with student debt

When addressing the subject of severe financial challenges and related dislocation suffered by legions of individuals and families across the country, many media articles and reports portray what might reasonably seem to come across as a three-headed monster.

Namely, that is this: the triple scourge of medical debt, credit card-related exactions and student loan indebtedness.

Criminal lineup identifications: problems and solutions, Part 2

We noted some flatly troubling aspects relevant to eyewitness identification in criminal law matters in our immediately preceding blog post.

We specifically pointed out in our June 1 entry that more than 70% of all convictions across the country that were subsequently deemed wrongful by exculpatory DNA evidence involved misinformed eyewitness testimony.

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