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Felony theft: What is it, and when does it apply to an offense?

Keeping pace with inflation is something one might reasonably expect to hear regarding a financial or economic topic, right? We suspect that something like wage raises comes quickly to mind for many of our blog readers across Arkansas.

Subject matter from the criminal law sphere, though, also comes to the fore recurrently in an inflation-linked discussion, at least for commentators closely focused upon sentencing outcomes, namely this: felony theft.

Long overdue? Medical-debt reforms on the way

Medical debt for both legions of Arkansas residents and other Americans nationally has always been a comparatively outsized nemesis.

That is, medical-related bills when compared with other types of outlays are immediately more complex, less transparent in many respects and, of course, prohibitively pricey.

Vetting a divorce attorney before making a selection

Lots of things in life are not user-friendly.

Like the fine-print assembly instructions that come with toys and put-it-together-yourself furniture. Like IRS tax forms. Like convoluted freeway systems that weave through select metropolitan areas.

Thorough estate planning: Have you considered your digital presence?

The odds are that you have a digital presence and that, moreover, it's sizable.

If you perhaps don't know exactly what such a presence signifies, we'll estimate a guess at Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that you can make a pretty fair guess.

Student loan debt a burden for those getting back to work

The nation’s economy exceeded expectations by adding 209,000 new jobs last month. Analysts believed that 183,000 jobs would be created. The additional positions are indicative of an improving economy.

This may bode well for people with student loan debt. While out of work, most people defer and forbear their loans as long as possible.  Others are forced to consider bankruptcy as a way to make ends meet, and to be free of troublesome student loan debt. 

Helpful tips for getting out of debt in today's economy

We understand that getting out of debt is not easy. While you may do well with eliminating debt for a while, calamities may occur that cause you to incur more debt. Regardless of how frustrated you may be with your debt load, there are ways to gradually reduce it with the money you already have. As with our previous tips, we believe that these guidelines should become a part of your new financial reality.

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