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Investment scam research: here's a certain link to debt problems

Following is a bit of data and related information that is certainly germane to several of our central practice areas at the Arkansas law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates. We serve diverse clientele from across the state out of multiple offices in different locales, and pass along some details from a recent media focus on investment scams that we believe might be interesting to many readers.

Advice on seeking debt relief: be purposeful, not fearful

We note on a relevant page of our website at the law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates that many individuals and families in Arkansas and across the United States procrastinate in reaching out for proven legal assistance regarding material debt-related problems "because they fear the worst."

Holiday debt doesn’t have to ruin the new year

The holidays tend to be a time when going overboard is acceptable, and it feels good to treat your loved ones in Little Rock to special gifts. Now that the new year is here, and you are facing a mountain of debt as a result of your generosity, damage control does not necessarily have to be the end of your fun. The law firm of Robertson, Oswald & Associates has helped many clients recover from the pressures of holiday debt.

Insurer delinquency could drive you to seek debt relief

At the start of this year, we highlighted how medical debt can be a problem for people in Arkansas and elsewhere. Health insurance is supposed to help prevent this, but a survey of patients who had insurance showed that many of them had still drained their savings, worked a lot of overtime, moved in with others or sought charity in the struggle to meet their medical bills.

Might there be tax pain after medical debt relief?

Earlier this year, we shed light on the challenge many people in Arkansas face due to medical debt. Despite more people now having the benefit of health care insurance, results of a survey revealed the coverage hadn't prevented a lot of respondents from running into significant financial difficulty.

Why are bankruptcy trustees taking colleges to court?

The vast majority of parents want nothing more than to see their children succeed both personally and professionally. While the former can typically be accomplished via significant emotional investment, the latter can typically be accomplished via significant financial investment.

Survey: Insured are not immune to crippling medical debt

It's no secret that medical debt has long been one of the most common causes of financial distress for Americans. In fact, past research has definitively shown that the burden of medical debt was disproportionately borne by those lacking health insurance and that these people were by far the most likely to file for medical bankruptcy.

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