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Co-parenting teenagers after divorce requires coordination

Many times the information and advice out there for parents in Heber Springs going through a divorce focuses on how to co-parent young children. While many divorcing parents do have younger children, the techniques for dealing with younger children may not apply to teenagers. Teenagers have unique needs that need to be adequately addressed in a divorce, too.

Astronaut finishes divorce

With Americans living longer and longer, many are approaching the later decades of life with a perspective that is markedly different from past generations. Advances in medical technology and personal care have made it much more likely that a person will reach their 80s or 90s. As such, long-term commitments such as a marriage are beginning to be seen in a different light.

Divorce and Social Security benefits

In Arkansas, we're seeing older individuals getting divorced all of the time, and this may result in a number of considerations being made regarding retirement and estate planning as well. One specific area of concern would be Social Security benefits.

A relationship with the in-laws could increase risk of divorce

Everyone in Little Rock has seen television shows in which a wife is constantly criticized by her in-laws and she can do nothing right in their eyes. While many people may think this to be a comedic interpretation of real life, it appears that this situation could actually be fairly true to form. After a 26-year study was recently published, researchers are finding that women who report having a close relationship with their in-laws are at a 20 percent higher risk of getting a divorce.

'Real Housewives' star announces divorce is finalized

Every divorce can be difficult, but the more money that is involved, the more difficult it may be to try and create an equitable divorce settlement. For many people in Little Rock, there are important factors that need to be considered during a high-net worth divorce, including who has access to investment and retirement accounts, whether spousal support or alimony needs to be paid, and how to divide real property. With such financial losses at stake, it is important that anyone going through a high-asset divorce works closely with divorce lawyers to ensure his or her interests are properly represented.

Remember: divorce will get easier with time

Anyone in the middle of a divorce in Little Rock knows how emotionally devastating a divorce can be. Whether it is a dispute over custody or the sorrow that comes with a relationship ending, in the moment divorce feels like it will never end. The good thing, however, is that it will. The process of divorce will eventually be over and each individual spouse will be able to heal and learn from the process. Thought it may sound too good to be true to most people in Arkansas, eventually everyone will be OK.

Schwarzenegger's infidelity, secrecy are not just for celebrities

Nearly everyone in Arkansas remembers the shocking news that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were divorcing, and even more people were paying attention when reports emerged that Schwarzenegger had not been faithful, fathering a then-15-year-old boy with the family's longtime housekeeper. While Schwarzenegger is finally opening up about his divorce and all of his secrecy, many people within the family law field believe that secrecy and infidelity are not that uncommon.

Text Messages Can Spell Trouble in an Arkansas Divorce

Texting is one of the most popular methods of communication in our technology-driven society. Text messages can be more efficient than a drawn-out phone call and are much easier to respond to than an email. However, a word of caution should be given to those who are going through a divorce. As cellphone technology improves, so does the potential of having what you say in a text message come back to haunt you during your divorce proceedings.

Venting on Facebook About Your Ex Could Come Back to Haunt You

Going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful. Depending on the situation, you are likely dealing with issues of finances, assets, and even custody agreements. To make matters worse, your former spouse may not always be corporative.

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