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Fathers receive physical custody in only 10 percent of cases

When most people in Saline County think about single parents and child custody following a divorce, they think of mothers raising children, and this is not wholly inaccurate. It is true that some fathers will have nothing to do with their children, leaving the children's mother to raise them alone, but there are a number of women who have primary physical custody for no apparent reason.

Respecting fathers' rights helps to protect children's health

Imagine a mother and father divorcing. They go to an Arkansas family court, the divorce is granted and the mother is given primary custody of the children. At first, the mother respects the father's custody time, but soon the children start avoiding their father. Eventually, the children become antagonistic to their father and refuse to see him. Sadly, this isn't just a story, but a reality for many fathers in the Little Rock area.

Do courts arbitrarily favor mothers over fathers in child custody?

The question of whether family courts are biased against fathers when awarding child custody is one that has caused much soul searching in the field of family law, here in Arkansas and across the nation. Fathers' rights advocates frequently point to statistics that claim fathers are awarded sole physical custody of their kids only 10 percent of the time, and joint physical custody only 20 percent of the time.

Call for presidential candidates to discuss fatherhood, parenting

Many people in Little Rock have heard of Tony Dungy and some may even know of his commitment to strong fathering. Recently, the former NFL coach has been asking President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to discus fatherhood and parenting in their campaign for president. Though it is certainly important for the president to take fathering seriously, there are still many obstacles that fathers must overcome in Arkansas.

Who Says Men Aren't Natural Parents?

For years, the presumption in an Arkansas divorce was that the mother would get custody of the children and the father would provide financial support and see the kids on weekends. Now, of course, this is no longer (officially) the case. Arkansas child custody law is gender neutral, and courts determine placement based on the best interests of the child.

Missouri Bill Would Limit Unmarried Fathers' Rights

Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would prevent unmarried fathers from intervening to prevent the mother from putting the couple's child up for adoption. The bill has sparked a nationwide discussion surrounding the issue of father's rights.

Are You a Father Seeking Custody? Avoid These Common Mistakes

It is a common misconception that the mother will be granted primary child custody in an Arkansas divorce. In reality, there is no gender preference enshrined in state law. Instead, the court will grant primary custody to whichever parent demonstrates a better ability to successfully raise the child.

Establishing Paternity for Unmarried Fathers in Arkansas

When a child is born, it usually quite obvious who the mother is. However, ascertaining the father's identity can be much more difficult, especially when the mother and father are not married to each other.

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