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Celebrity-laden, but instructive: Brangelina case and custody

We make this central point about Arkansas family law courts on a relevant page of our website at the Little Rock law firm of Robertson, Oswalt & Associates, namely, that judges "make child custody decisions based upon the 'best interests of the child.'"

Can I address digital 'stranger danger' in child custody terms?

Some lessons we learn from an early age. Don't cross the street without looking both ways for cars. Avoid hot stoves. Don't talk to strangers. That last one is usually modified somewhat if you happen to be with a parent and they say it's OK.

Who determines 'best interest' of children in custody disputes?

On its face, child custody questions in Arkansas might seem simple to answer. The rule that is supposed to guide all decisions by the courts is what is deemed to be in the best interest of the child. However, what constitutes best interests is subject to interpretation and that can create challenges over child custody for parents who may have competing ideas.

Parenting plan, custody agreement, what's the difference?

Wading through the language of the law can be a source of considerable confusion. It doesn't matter what state you live in – Arkansas or some other. Sometimes, terms that address the same subject can be misunderstood as meaning the same thing when they don't. When that happens, frustration can follow.

Definition of 'parent' still a work in progress

If you look up the word "parent" in Webster's New World College Dictionary, you will find definition one listed as a mother or father. Definition two puts the word in the context of ancestry. It is only at definition three that the word is addressed more generally as the relationship between any animal (or plant) and its offspring.

Finding work-life balance as divorced parents not easy

Starting in the 1960s, women started to push for more equality in the workforce. It's a battle that still rages and the challenges are many. Women, and even men, in Arkansas will likely agree that the standard that has been put forward to this point is that somehow it is possible for women to have it all – a family, and to exercise the freedom to strive for the heights of their careers.

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