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Are insurance death benefits protected in bankruptcy?

What's a windfall? The first definition you find in the dictionary refers to fruit that has been "blown down from a tree or bush by the wind." Most readers in Arkansas, though, would associate with the second definition, which is "a piece of unexpected good fortune," typically one involving a good deal of money.

Has your Arkansas condo survived the Great Recession?

The Great Recession passed some time ago. Officially, the hard times ended in 2009, though we suspect many in Little Rock and the rest of Arkansas might argue that effects still linger. Home foreclosures and asset forfeitures continue to cause headaches for many individuals.

How does bankruptcy 'protect' me as a filer?

Anyone in Arkansas who regularly reads our blog knows that when talking about services related to providing debt relief we often emphasize the protection that filing for bankruptcy can provide. Given the common misconception that bankruptcy is a sign of individual failure and the reality that bankruptcy can present challenges, it's fair to ask what we mean by protection. The easiest way to respond is by talking about personal assets.

Why homeowners don't have to live in fear of Chapter 7 - II

In our previous bankruptcy post, we started discussing how those in financial distress are often reluctant to consider the fresh start offered by Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to the understandable fear that they could potentially lose their home.

Asset forfeiture revisited: a look at Arkansas' participation

We last left off with an anomaly of American law that basically reverses the foundational burden of proof standard in a criminal law case in a January 20 blog post from this year. We noted therein that one enforcement tool sanctioned by federal law "has been used with a vengeance by federal and state law enforcers" to summarily seize the property of many individuals who are never indicted or formally charged with a crime.

Civil asset forfeiture: sheer government power on display

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty of wrongdoing is a bedrock principle in American law, an enduring maxim that is applied by courts across the country to ensure impartiality and fundamental fairness for any person facing state sanctions.

Some states lag behind in protection for asset, property seizure

When families are falling behind on bills, it may not be long before debt collectors make efforts to force repayment. Filing for personal bankruptcy should cause collection attempts to stop, but eventually creditors may be able to stake claims to a person's assets and property. Consumers should know, however, that state and federal laws prevent creditors from taking everything a person owns.

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