Working through one’s divorce can be very tough, not only because of the possible financial impact but because of the emotional toll that the divorce process can have as well. Even after someone gets a divorce and does everything in their power to find an ideal outcome, they may have to deal with financial and emotional challenges in the months and years afterward. For some people, this can lead to very high levels of anxiety. 

Post-divorce legal issues can cause a considerable amount of uncertainty, especially for parents, people who are experiencing financial hardships and those who are suffering due to a serious health problem. Sometimes, people may be experiencing all of these challenges simultaneously. For example, a parent may be responsible for child support payments, but a major health crisis may have brought financial turmoil into their lives and they have no idea how they will continue making payments. This can lead to seemingly unbearable anxiety, which can further complicate one’s life. 

Many parents also get very stressed out about custody issues, and even those who do not have any kids may develop anxiety over post-divorce legal matters such as spousal support payments. If you are struggling with anxiety for any reason and it is a result of a family law issue, you should make sure to explore your legal options. For example, you could have the ability to modify your child support order, which could not only help you financially and ensure that you stay current but offer some relief in terms of anxiety and other negative emotions as well.