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Unprecedented: the Bezoz power couple reaches agreement on divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News

If Amazon principal Jeff Bezos was a child threatening in a moment of anger to remove all his toys from the sandbox and go home, his playmates would likely take instant notice, right?

Because if they didn’t, there would be nothing left to play with. Moreover, the sandbox and surrounding playground might well be dismantled and carted off to boot. And as for the school … .

We know that our readers get the point. Bezos commands the singular tag of “richest person on earth.” Astonishingly, that title is still his in the wake of a divorce in which his ex-wife MacKenzie will reportedly receive close to $36 billion in Amazon stock.

Yes, you read that right. That figure starts with a “b” and has, well, lots of zeroes attached to it. Recent media accounts reporting the known details of the Bezos’ asset distribution outcome are routinely stressing that the settlement reduces Jeff Bezos’ net worth to approximately $110 billion.

Imagine that. Someone takes away from your personal stash 36,000 stacked-up piles of money that each contain $1 million – and you are still the world’s richest person. Some pundits are likely wondering how Bill Gates – still the second wealthiest individual, even after the Bezos stock transfer – feels about that.

We know of course that the Bezos divorce is an unparalleled decoupling possessed of other-world dimensions.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to the rest of us, though. In fact, it underscores that, notwithstanding the stupefying dollar amounts involved, the same issues loom large to some degree for most divorcing parties, regardless of their wealth plateau.

Those issues commonly revolve around children and, as underscored by the Bezos outcome, money matters and the post-divorce financial standing of separating partners.

Whatever your divorce concerns might be, a proven and empathetic family law legal team can help you purposefully address and obtain a divorce result that optimally promotes your best interests.


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