We stressed in a blog post from earlier this week a point that rings true in some Arkansas divorces and other marital dissolutions nationally. We stated in our April 2 blog entry that divorce can sometimes “seem akin to formalized war in a courtroom.”

We submit at the Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates that it is relevant to note that. Candidly, divorce and conflict go hand-in-hand for some divorcing couples.

Not always, though. Our above entry also notes the flat uniqueness of every divorce. Although some parties’ decouplings are marked by tension and disagreement, legions of divorcing couples get through the dissolution process relatively unscathed and with mutual civility intact.

Securing that latter outcome is the focal point of a recent Forbes article spotlighting some relevant factors that can make divorce “a saner and more informed event.”

The piece first asks this of prospective divorcing parties: Do you even really need to end your marriage? It is perhaps likely that you do, but it is certainly worthwhile to closely examine your concerns and motivations before you proceed with purpose. An experienced and empathetic family law attorney can be a valuable sounding board for hearing you out, as well as a proven source for solid referrals to other professionals who can provide meaningful input.

If divorce is a logical and healthy outcome for you, make a sincere effort to promote some sense of harmony rather than rancor throughout the process. Doing so helps to promote optimal outcomes across the virtual universe of divorce concerns, including tremendously important child-centric matters and post-dissolution financial arrangements.

Forbes underscores this point, too: There are multiple and quite varied processes available to secure a divorce, and it can make great sense to closely consider them in a timely way. Proven family law lawyers can help a client evaluate options ranging from courtroom-driven litigation to a mediated divorce.

It’s your divorce. Ultimately, you have considerable control over how you will proceed with the process and the tenor that marks it. An experienced divorce team will work hard to promote your best interests.