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Being a proactive, purposeful dad in the wake of divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News

The attorneys at the established Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates routinely help diverse and valued clients from across Arkansas successfully deal with divorce-linked issues and challenges.

Those frequently arise in the child custody realm, which is of course understandable. Parents love their kids, and divorce typically upends long-established family routines and practices in a major way.

Mom and dad are no longer together following a marital breakup. One of them – most often dad – now lives elsewhere. Divorce strains family finances. The predictability surrounding simply being together is supplanted by schedules dictated in parenting plans, visitation orders and court-mandated custody determinations.

All those things and more – including a parent’s sense of alienation and loneliness – can harbor a certain resentment and mistrust of the process. That can be coupled by a feeling that the judicial cards might be stacked a certain way. Divorcing men tend to feel that way more often than their impending ex-wives.

Much has changed in the divorce universe concerning perceptions, biases and outcomes in recent years to dampen such concerns. Material legal changes and altered judicial attitudes have gone far toward routinely ensuring reasoned and fair divorce results.

We stress that on our website. We note therein that, “Arkansas courts [now] make child custody decisions without regard to the sex of the parent.”

That is welcome news, of course, and solidly aligned with changing social attitudes that acknowledge the equal value of both parents. Notwithstanding the law’s neutrality, though, some parents continue to feel that they didn’t exactly garner equitable treatment in the process. We also note online at our firm that “family court can sometimes feel unpredictable or even unfair,” despite assertions that its result are delivered in completely evenhanded fashion.

We’ll take a look in our next post at what post-divorce life looks like for many dads in its near wake. And we’ll specifically spotlight some behaviors they can practice and hone to better ensure that their post-divorce future – especially as fathers – is happy and meaningful.


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