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Is there a primary catalyst that drives Americans into debt?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | bankruptcy, Firm News

It just might be a lot easier for the country collectively if debt experts could identify and spotlight one above-all-others factor that starts the spiral of debt woes for legions of Americans. If it was student debt, for example, perhaps some heightened energy and focus could be expended on that scourge that would have a dramatic effect.

Unquestionably, student-loan obligations are one prime ingredient in America’s toxic debt-woe stew. Those exactions cannot be pointed to as being the fundamental problem underlying the country’s ongoing struggles with consumers’ massive payment duties, though. Nor can any other debt enhancer that is by itself financially ruining the majority of individuals and families strapped with recurring outlays to creditors.

A recent article addressing the challenges and long-term debt-linked problems facing millions of Americans duly notes a telling – and candidly unsurprising – comment from one financial expert. She flatly states that, “There are tons of reasons why people get into debt.”

Indeed, there are. They range from challenging mortgage terms and unexpected medical bills to car loans, retail-store debt and the above-cited student loans.

A recent poll imparts some ominous news, namely, that many consumers believe they will never escape their debt. In fact, “25 percent expect to carry [it] to the grave.”

Likely, they wouldn’t have to. The above article properly spotlights a number of debt-shedding tips that, when scrupulously acted upon, can put a real dent into what is owed creditors.

Perhaps the preeminent piece of rendered advice is to “go to a credit professional.”

Experienced attorneys from a proven bankruptcy law firm stand alone among such pros for having a fiduciary duty of loyalty to their clients and a tandem obligation to always act in their best interests. Debt-strapped individuals seeking candid advice and representation that truly improves their situation can rest assured they’ll get it from a seasoned bankruptcy law office.


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