Maybe you don’t have an original Picasso painting hanging in the living room.

What does adorn your walls, though, or otherwise qualifies as an asset you hold dear, might command just as much value to you personally as does a high-value art collection for a fabulously wealthy individual or family.

The point: Marital assets in play in any given divorce are unique in their emotional and financial value. Regardless where they might reside in a wealth-based continuum, they are likely to be prominently spotlighted in a divorce proceeding.

And contested, if push comes to shove. Divorcing parties often worked long and hard building a marital estate, and it is only natural that both soon-to-be exes want to receive a fair share in a final distribution of assets.

We fully recognize that need at the Little Rock family law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates. We personally convey to every valued divorce client via our website that, “We are dedicated to protecting your interests – your share – by advocating forcefully for you in matters of property division.”

Let’s steer back to that above-cited work of Picasso’s for a moment. A painting from that master actually did feature recently in a high-profile and contentious marital split between a couple commanding truly outsized wealth. Their reported $2 billion fortune includes assets ranging from multiple residences and a yacht to commercial properties and multiple collections of jewelry, books and other items.

Like legions of real-world couples with more modest holdings, the couple has locked horns over asset valuation, especially concerning their vast art collection. Concerning the latter, the judge overseeing their case has simplified matters by mandating that all the art they own be sold and split evenly. Reportedly, the collection is worth about $700 million.

As for the rest of the estate, a news account of the divorce notes that the court split the couple’s sizable assets “nearly down the middle.”

In other words, equitably. That is often all divorcing parties seek, irrespective of whether their wealth is of vast proportions or modest in scope.

In either case, an experienced and empathetic divorce attorney will work hard to secure a property-division result that promotes their best interests.