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What do debt-laden consumers most envy about others?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | bankruptcy, Firm News

Here’s a quick hint concerning the above-posed query in today’s blog headline: It’s not their new car.

Nor, actually, is it a new home addition, splurgy vacations, a golf club membership or shiny jewelry.

Bottom line: If your neighbor seems to be occasionally looking at you with notable respect and even outright envy, it just might be because you’ve got your debts under control and he or she doesn’t.

The likelihood that the folks next door in Arkansas or residing elsewhere nationally are a bit concerned – more actually, materially stressed – over spending habits and resulting debt-linked challenges is far from negligible. In fact, a recent study of more than 1,000 adult consumers across the United States reveals that every living American generation collectively harbors debt fears and deals with bracing financial challenges.

A researcher doesn’t have to look far to spotlight the sources of woe. Student-loan debt is a sobering concern for a demographic that numbers millions. A recent article discussing the above study makes the telling comment that, “Millennials have the least (emphasis added) amount of student debt at $35,992.” Credit-card exactions and other forms of consumer debt are also troublesome to Americans of all ages.

And then there is of course medical debt, which is flatly a front-page story in the United States presently and a front-line catalyst precipitating financial ruin in worst-case scenarios.

One financial expert and best-selling author stresses that worried debtors can often turn dark corners into brighter futures through strategies that purposefully attack debt and rein in spending.

“It just takes a plan,” she says.

Any proven attorney who frequently works with challenged individuals and families needing a fresh financial start will readily agreement with that assessment. An experienced debt-relief lawyer routinely provides candid and on-point guidance to valued clients that enables them to effectively tackle money challenges and fundamentally improve their financial situation.


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