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Insurance an obvious concern for many divorcing Arkansas spouses

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates attorneys get that you have a lot on your mind as a divorcing Arkansas spouse. Our well-established Little Rock legal team routinely provides empathetic and tailor-driven representation to diverse and valued clients across a wide spectrum of concerns.

Like custody and visitation, for example. And support concerns, for both children and spouses who will be comparatively disadvantaged financially following a marital split. Property division, too, is understandably a focal point in many dissolutions.

We additionally stress on our family law website that still another financially linked concern can come to the fore in many decouplings, namely, a logical focus on insurance.

In fact, the thought that insurance coverage might lapse following divorce can be particularly stressful for a soon-to-be ex. If you – and perhaps children, as well – are removed as eligible dependents from a spouse’s health insurance policy when a divorce decree is signed, what can you do? It is a gross understatement to note that health coverage costs can be prohibitively expensive.

And what about life insurance? Typically, a spouse is removed as beneficiary the moment a divorce is finalized.

We address those matters on our website. Many parties take strong comfort from knowing that a divorce often has no impact at all on the kids remaining covered under a former partner’s health policy. And divorcing parties can qualify for insurance-continuation programs such as COBRA or pursue other options that continue to remain somewhat affordable.

Regarding life insurance, it is common for a court to require many parents paying child support to include the children as insurance beneficiaries to guard against unforeseen downsides. That understandably promotes peace of mind for many custodial parents.

A divorcing party with insurance and other divorce-linked financial concerns can contact an experienced family law legal team for on-point guidance and strong advocacy.


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