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Arkansas legislators address scourge of family violence

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month, something we think merits a spotlight on our blog platform at Robertson & Associates.

Here’s why. As we note on our Little Rock family law website, millions of people – women, children and men – suffer from family violence across the United States each year. They come “from all situations and walks of life, and most never expected it to happen to them.”

When it does, they often need legal help in a most immediate and urgent way. The consequences of passivity or any failure to act in response to domestic abuse can be catastrophic. Tragically, they are sometimes deadly.

An official publication of the Arkansas House of Representatives duly stresses that an estimated 25% of American women will be victimized by family violence sometime during their lives.

That statistic yields sad and telling repercussions. In Arkansas, it translates to a reported 10,000-plus individuals reaching out to a domestic violence shelter each year for help. The above-cited article spotlights the 34 such locales existing in the state, underscoring the dire need for more such venues and related assistance.

State lawmakers have not been casual in their response to the alarming and growing threat of violence. Recently passed legislation addresses these abuse-linked matters:

  • Increased funding for violence shelters (coming from the wallets of convicted offenders)
  • Better privacy safeguards on cellphones used by victims
  • Relevant training for cosmetologists who, given their positions, might reasonably be able to spot violence symptoms and encourage action from victims

Our attorneys always stand ready to strongly promote the legal rights of abuse victims. We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss how we can help.


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