We have stressed in select prior blog posts that matters involving well-known individuals are sometimes noteworthy far beyond their tabloid value.

That can be especially true where legal issues are involved. Take the family law and estate planning realms, where matters of key importance often emerge in a similar way for individuals and families regardless of whether they have great fame or wealth. An issue focused upon a weighty estate planning challenge can occur in the same way, for example, for virtually any two people in Arkansas or elsewhere.

And if one of those people commands a high public profile, that issue sometimes receives prominent media coverage. The outcome can be instructive to others that potentially or actually share the same concern.

A matter that presently involves long-time and much beloved comedian actor Tim Conway readily bears that out. Court documents filed just last week in a California court reveal that one of Conway’s daughters from his first marriage and his second wife are at loggerheads concerning the actor’s health and related care provisions.

Reportedly, Conway is battling dementia and is unable to care for himself. His daughter seeks to be named as his adult guardian and given legal authority to supervise his care.

The Conway matter obviously underscores the importance of a central family law/estate planning matter, namely, guardianship of a person or an estate. We discuss those two types of guardianship on our website at the law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates in Little Rock. In terms of the Conway case, what is being sought is an appointment as guardianship of the person, which applies to medical care.

As we note on our site, Arkansas guardianships are flexible in their duration and scope. Proven estate planning attorneys can supply relevant information.