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America’s health care crisis, and its ruinous impact on consumers

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Bankruptcy, Firm News

The national publication Modern Healthcare underscores the banding of national legislators a generation ago that at least paid lip service to cost-based reforms in the country’s insurance industry. It notes that congressional leaders of yesteryear were just as aware that changes needed to be made as they are these days.

Those individuals must be appalled now, whether retired or still in office. Scant little has been done to stem the tide of exploding care costs over the years. The result is predictable. Americans pay more for health care than do residents of any other industrialized nation.

Modern Healthcare does not signal much hope in a recent article discussing the runaway costs. It makes the point, rather, that “there is little or no bipartisan political agreement” at all these days regarding a perceived need to reform the system.

That likely strikes high numbers of individuals and families in Arkansas and nationally as stupefying. Reams of anecdotal tales and empirical evidence indicate that medical costs (contributed to by a complex interplay among out-of-network costs, preauthorizations, additional outlays on top of deductibles and so forth) are a prime catalyst driving insuperable debt and even bankruptcy.

Modern HealthCare notes the comment of one industry insider that there is currently “an anti-regulatory fervor” on Capitol Hill.

Hopefully that will change. It must for health care to become a relatively affordable option and not a luxury for millions of Americans.

Questions or concerns regarding high levels of medical debt can be directed to an experienced debt-relief attorney.


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