Maybe you’re an Arkansas resident whose divorce particulars are unfolding in civil and undramatic fashion. That is, you and your soon-to-be former partner equally understand that marital dissolution is the best outcome in your failed relationship and that there is no need to trample on each other to terminate your marriage. You and your impending ex have vowed to be reasonable and upfront about things, and both of you are honoring that pledge.

Congratulations to you. That is obviously the optimal way to divorce, and it is in fact far more common than what television dramas and media tabloids routinely suggest is the case. If we posit those as reality, well, divorce comes across as routinely being a tooth-pulling and gut-wrenching experience.

And, in truth, it sometimes is.

But not always. In our established Little Rock family law practice at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, the diverse clientele we represent runs a wide gamut that essentially tracks life as is it. Some divorcing couples manage to achieve their dissolution goals with little acrimony or fanfare, being able to complete the process with a minimum of fuss and stress. We represent such clients all the time, using our on-point family law experience to maximally empower them throughout the process.

We also represent individuals whose road to a divorce decree is more arduous and conflict-ridden. That’s sometimes just the way it is, and we work diligently on behalf of embattled clients to promote their best interests at every turn.

One common source of contention in a contested divorce often traces to financial irregularity in a marriage. The national publication Forbes addresses that in an interesting article that dives into one spouse’s purposeful attempts to dissipate marital assets during the divorce process. We’ll delve into that phenomenon in our next blog post.