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A mindful bankruptcy: making the process work for you

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | bankruptcy, Firm News

It’s hardly surprising that many individuals and families in Arkansas and nationally that face daunting debt challenges personally flinch when considering the prospect of filing for bankruptcy.

After all, it’s a legal process. It’s complex, lengthy and comes with restrictions. For some people, it signals personal failure and a material loss of control in their lives.

Yet there is also this: Given the many millions of Americans that invoke the process, there must be something positive – even powerful – about bankruptcy and its redemptive aspects for individuals who turn to it for relief.

And, indeed, there is, with bankruptcy’s upside and life-changing effects being repeatedly demonstrated in legions of cases across the country.

We note both the fear and ultimate relief faced by many valued clients who turn to us for help at the experienced debt-relief law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates in Little Rock. We acknowledge on our website that it is a stark challenge for many debtors to even contact our proven legal team. They “fear the worst” concerning what might happen if they legally move forward with bankruptcy.

Here’s what often does happen. They frequently determine rather quickly “that their fears were unwarranted or greatly exaggerated.” And appreciating that help – that is, a true and workable remedy – is available leaves them feeling as though “a tremendous weight has been lifted from their shoulders.”

One recent in-depth article on bankruptcy filing and recovery stresses its emotive aspects and the understandable difficulties some people have getting started with the process. It logically stresses that a key first step needed for a financially strapped individual or family seeking to move forward is identifying and contacting a seasoned bankruptcy law firm.

We will have a bit more to say on that, as well as regarding the optimal path to follow to recover from bankruptcy in a meaningful and timely way, in our next blog post.


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