A recent national article on older remarrying couples across the country duly notes that many of them hesitate to timely raise financial questions or concerns before retying the marital knot. Their reluctance in that regard stems from their fear that doing so “may taint the atmosphere.”

They might be right, of course, at least in some cases and to a certain degree. We believe at Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, though (and suspect that many of our readers across Arkansas would agree), that a bit of discomfort arising from timely candor is preferable to undisclosed matters of material financial importance that can seriously undermine marital harmony in the future.

Indeed, that is a central premise of the above media piece. The publication U.S. News & World Report stresses that a timely and candid focus — that means safely before remarriage — on money and asset-linked matters by individuals near or in retirement can ultimately prove to be a marriage saver.

And, if not, an upfront discussion that results in an individual taking steps to safeguard property through sound legal planning can help ensure desired outcomes and minimize the downsides in the event of a divorce down the road.

“Look at all your finances before you enter into the love game,” counsels one adviser to marrying individuals.

In doing so, and with the help of a proven family law attorney, it is likely that you will spot material issues that need timely addressing through a bit of pre-marriage planning and implemented legal strategies.

We’ll take a closer look at that in our upcoming blog post.