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A few things to expect when going to family law court

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2018 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

Arkansas spouses litigating their divorces in court before a state judge obviously need to know a few things about the process before they enter the courtroom.

Those venues strike many people — especially first-time litigants — as clinical and forbidding places. Judges aren’t much for socializing or making small talk when wearing their robes. Truth be told, they are busy people challenged by time constraints and heavy workloads focused upon serious matters.

For those reasons, they uniformly expect that those appearing before them in a contested divorce will be respectful and well prepared.

“If the judge asks you a question and you don’t have a good answer, there’s a good change they won’t be pleased,” duly notes one divorce coach and attorney.

The obvious takeaway from that comment is this: Be prepared.

Candidly, seeking to go it alone in court or opting to ally with an attorney who lacks meaningful experience representing clients in contested divorces can lead quickly to adverse consequences. A recent national article on avoiding key mistakes in divorce court stresses that litigants who secure help from “good lawyers who are in court often” understandably obtain better results than those who do not.

There is much that a proven legal advocate can do to help a client optimally prepare for divorce-related court processes and challenges. An experienced divorce attorney will take the time necessary to educate, answer questions and address all concerns that a divorcing party has.

And, importantly, a lawyer commanding close knowledge of judicial procedures, rules and relevant law will ensure that a client’s case is well vetted and persuasively presented to a judge.

Any Arkansas resident seeking divorce-related information can contact an experienced Little Rock family law attorney for candid guidance and, when necessary, strong legal representation.


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