If you are either contemplating an Arkansas divorce or just beginning to get involved in the dissolution process, you’ve likely received some tips from acquaintances and loved ones who truly do care about your well-being and best interests.

Does “stay calm” ring a bell? How about an admonition to avoid anger?

The bottom line concerning such advice is often that, while it is well-intentioned, it is so generic and clichéd that it is virtually useless in the divorce context.

As the publication Forbes notes in a recent article on common divorce pitfalls that can be reasonably avoided, the divorce process comprises a realm that rewards those who solicit and closely rely on proven legal advice and punishes those who, well, don’t.

Forbes notes that people often — and understandably — “listen to friends or relatives about their opinions on [divorce-linked] legal issues.”

They shouldn’t. The field is notably complex. Moreover, it ranges widely over diverse and flatly important subject matter, ranging from child custody, parenting plans and visitation to spousal maintenance, asset division and many additional topics.

It’s just a fact, states Forbes, that “the average person simply doesn’t have the experience of knowledge” to weigh in on such matters.

Conversely, a seasoned family law attorney does. Moreover, an individual can candidly discuss sensitive and private issues with a vetted professional who is specially trained and tasked with always promoting a client’s best interests.

Friends and relatives have your back, of course. But so too does your lawyer, who additionally has the acumen and experience required to represent you ably across all dimensions of a deeply personal and truly singular legal experience.