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When divorce and a business both vie for immediate attention

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

Any Arkansas resident who has ever gone through the divorce process will note that it is a difficult chore, even when no other competing concerns are present.

Obviously, there is a lot to think about for most people. Many divorcing parties have multiple child-related concerns they must focus upon. On top of that, some divorcing parties have financial concerns that will assume great importance once a divorce decree is signed. That reality can thrust things like alimony, child support and a fair division of marital assets front and center during divorce negotiations.

And for business owners, a divorce can be an especially complex and stressful endeavor, given that it further complicates what is already a heightened emotional experience for most people.

For small business owners, notes a recent article on business-related concerns during divorce, marital dissolution “can have an enormous impact on their ability to maintain a company.”

And that is serious, of course, especially in cases where an enterprise is still in the early stages of development and trying to gain lasting traction. Business owners understandably spend considerable time and energy nurturing the enterprises they have founded.

And they expend ample amounts of time and energy when working their way through the divorce process as well, and at the same time.

The resulting “emotional strain and distraction” owing to dual challenges that is noted in the above-cited article can take its toll on both a business and marriage-ending outcomes applicable to a host of matters.

The article stresses that no busy business owner preoccupied with both company matters and the many details relevant to a divorce needs to struggle through such a challenge. The proven counsel of an established family law attorney can bring clarity to divorce matters and promote sound decision making throughout the process.

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