In many Arkansas divorces and other decouplings across the country, the family home stands out as an outsized concern. For some readers, perhaps, the adage “elephant in the living room” comes to mind.

And, actually, it is the living room that is at issue, along with all that other square footage, the yard, the garage, maybe the dog/cat and related matters.

Huge divorce-related questions typically arise concerning a house. As noted in a recent media focus on divorce and real property, “Assuming you own a house, somebody is going to move out of it, and you’re going to have to decide whether to sell it — or not.”

Is that a big deal?

Of course, it is, and many divorcing parties spend a lot of time running through multiple scenarios regarding their home.

Sell it and split the profits with your soon-to-be ex? Hang on to it for awhile until the post-divorce clouds clear and better judgment comes to the fore? Take turns with your divorced partner living in it for rotating periods while the children are young and need prolonged stability? Move out and continue renting it?

The options are often many, and they can seem sufficiently complex to be a real headache for many divorcing spouses. As the above-cited article stresses, “there are plenty of issues to think about.”

Divorcing parties might want to do that thinking in concert with an experienced family law attorney who routinely helps diverse clientele with important property-related matters linked to divorce.

For many people, few — if any — divorce-connected assets are more important than the family home. A proven legal advocate can help ensure that decisions regarding real property are well-considered and thoughtfully acted upon.