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Study focus: saving money if you’re a DUI/DWI defendant

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Firm News

No Arkansas motorist ever wants to see flashing red lights in the rear-view mirror, of course, especially in the event that he or she had a drink or two (or maybe more) socializing with friends prior to getting behind the wheel and heading back home.

That day or evening comes for a good many people, though, with many of those individuals simply straying a bit over the legal line without any conscious intent to do so.

There is often a heavy price to pay for that, which most drivers intuitively know (or understand intimately well from past experience in the event of a repeat criminal charge).

Lost time from work attending court hearings or mandatory DUI-related classes can take bucks from paychecks. A suspended or even revoked license has starkly obvious repercussions. Fines and miscellaneous fees can quickly add up. Insurance rates jump dramatically.

Is there anything that might reasonably put a lid on those soaring costs, which can easily run into thousands of dollars?

According to recent study results culled through the research efforts of a national online company that focuses upon insurance coverage and related data, there is.

And the strategy to keep money in a defendant’s pocket is pretty simple, to wit: Hire an experienced private attorney for DUI/DWI representation, rather than simply trying to go it alone or with help from a public defender.

A rather dramatic study conclusion from the company QuoteWizard stresses that the fees charged by proven counsel are often offset completely just by savings that can often be realized by controlled insurance rates that might otherwise soar in the wake of a drunk driving conviction.

And then there’s this: Data indicate that individuals who hire seasoned private counsel “are three times more likely to get a DUI charge reduced” than those who forgo such representation.

Readers interested in the study details can access the particulars via the above-placed link.


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