Many gender-based stereotypes have rightly been discredited and have fallen by the proverbial wayside in today’s world,

Notwithstanding progress, however, it would be presumptive and more than a bit foolish for any person to argue that women do not continue to face some singular challenges when compared with men, both in and outside the workplace.

There is the continuing wage gap that females in virtually every industry continue to rail against, for example, backed by firm empirical evidence to support their claims in legions of instances.

And there is this, too, as noted in a recent Forbes article focused upon the strong need for older working women to timely and aggressively address financial security-related issues as they near or head into retirement: for myriad reasons, many of them are far less prepared for economic realities in their senior years than are men of similar age.

Here are two core reasons why that is often true, stresses Forbes:

  • Many women work far fewer years than men do, given pregnancies, child-rearing and related home-based caregiver responsibilities; and
  • On average, a woman lives longer than a man does, and by an appreciable margin

Those factors alone can introduce some financial stress into the lives of women who Forbes categorizes as “flying solo” in later years.

And many women are indeed alone as they approach or enter senior status, with divorce rates for baby boomers progressively rising in recent decades.

The bottom line for many divorcing women in their 50s and beyond is marked by an urgency to shore up their financial house and make themselves as secure as possible in their later years.

In many cases (and especially when multiple and diverse assets are in play during the divorce process), a proven family law attorney with a depth of experience in identifying, valuing and ensuring an equitable division of property can be a strong ally for a woman embarking on a new life after many years of marriage.