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Marital asset dissipation sounds ugly, right? What is it?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2017 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

What are the central concerns in your Arkansas divorce?

For many people, and for obvious reasons, the welfare of children is a predominant focus.

Of course, a host of other concerns can also loom large, ranging widely from valuation of a family business and the proper forum to pursue for dissolution (e.g., courtroom-supervised or mediation) to spousal maintenance considerations, the application of material terms agreed to in a marital contract and more.

And here’s something additional to consider in select divorce cases: the unlawful dissipation of marital assets by an impending and disgruntled ex-partner.

That might be relatively uncommon, but it is certainly not off the charts in some decouplings, especially in cases where the partner who is engaging in bad-faith conduct will have clearly superior earning power vis a vis a soon-to-be former spouse following divorce.

Where unbridled vindictiveness features in a divorce marked by a comparatively high level of marital wealth, purposeful asset dissipation is far from being a sheer anomaly.

And when it occurs, a financially disadvantaged partner (for example, a stay-at-home parent who relinquished career opportunities to better enable a partner to advance professionally) can be hurt even further by an equitable property distribution undercut by dissipated marital wealth.

It is an obvious imperative for a divorcing party whose fair share in divorce-related property distribution is being compromised by the bad-faith behavior of a spouse engaged in punitive spending to promptly secure proven legal counsel to help safeguard legal rights and interests.

Arkansas residents with questions or concerns regarding asset dissipation or other divorce issues can secure candid and confidential counsel from a proven Little Rock family law attorney.


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