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Many of us are financially stressed: doing something about it

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Firm News, Personal Bankruptcy

Query to Arkansas residents who admittedly feel some appreciable stresses — including financial pressures — as they go about their daily lives: Do you want to move to Minnesota?

Perhaps some of you might consider the idea, given that state’s placement on a recent ranking list as the least-stressed state in the country.

Arkansas ranks in the bottom 10 on that same list, with one considered factor being existing personal bankruptcy filings.

Yes, we know — such lists are seemingly daily outputs, and focused upon virtually every conceivable subject matter.

And this must be duly noted: For every ranking site where Arkansas could seem to stand a bit of improvement, there is another where the state’s placement is enviously high.

As seasoned attorneys at the law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, where one of our main practice areas is focused upon helping clients secure debt relief for challenging financial problems, we would simply say this to any individual or family facing debt-related pressures: Get help.

And feel confident in knowing this as you proactively reach out for assistance: Help –professionally delivered and exactingly tailored to your personal circumstances — is readily available.

We note on our website that we don’t judge any of our clients.

We simply bring all our legal acumen and experience to bear on their behalf, advocating diligently to relieve their financial stresses and secure best-case outcomes for them.

We consider ourselves a law firm for all Arkansas residents. Toward that end, we have law offices in multiple locales across the state and seek to make people who need our assistance immediately welcome regardless of where they live.

Many people face daunting financial pressures irrespective of their address (and other challenges, as well; Minnesotans staring down several feet of snow to shovel in winter can readily attest to that).

And, we repeat, they can take purposeful steps to deal positively with it, with bankruptcy sometimes being a viable and well-considered response for reducing onerous debt obligations and regaining financial traction going forward.

We welcome contacts to the firm regarding strategies that can be employed in any given case to alleviate debt concerns.

Taking meaningful action is half the battle.


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