Bliss forever, unmarred by any trace of adverse human interaction.

Although that is certainly what many couples hope for as a permanent fixture of their lives following marriage, such an enduring reality turns out to be elusive in some instances.

Indeed, in many instances, as a mountain of empirical evidence suggests. Family violence does unmistakably occur in homes in Arkansas and nationally, and it obviously needs to be dealt with.

Single acts or an enduring pattern of domestic violence can occur anywhere and in virtually any family. As we note on our family law website, violence victims “come from all situations and walks of life.”

The aftermath of a domestic violence situation that has come to the attention of authorities is understandably marked by stress, confusion and, often, great fear for all involved. We point out on our site that there can be both civil and criminal dimensions attached to domestic abuse and family violence.

Proven family law attorneys with a demonstrated record of strong representation in domestic violence matters (for both accusers/alleged victims and individuals who are targeted in such matters) can play a timely and material role in helping involved parties understand Arkansas law and move purposefully forward as their case proceeds.

In safeguarding a client’s legal rights and promoting his or her interests, a core task for any empathetic and knowledgeable lawyer is to proceed dispassionately and keep an unwavering focus on “what really happened.”

Relevant statistics reveal, for example, that while most abuse victims are women and children, adult males also suffer from violence inflicted by spouses and partners. And any experienced attorney knows that select cases feature allegations that lack truth and are levied to seek some advantage in a divorce or custody matter.

Domestic abuse is an immediate and sobering concern, and a matter that authorities will take most seriously in every instance. Individuals with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of family violence can obtain candid guidance and diligent legal representation from a proven family law attorney well experienced in this singular legal realm.