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Facing drug charges: Consider challenging science-based evidence

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Firm News

Life would be so much easier if there were no gray areas, wouldn’t it? All the crime shows we see on television suggest it’s possible. If there’s a question regarding chemistry, biology, even psychology, science must be able to provide an answer. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple.

That doesn’t stop police and prosecutors in Arkansas and the rest of the country from relying on science – sometimes-sketchy science – to bolster the legitimacy of their allegations. This can be a real problem in drug crime cases. If official use faulty methods to collect the evidence, the “GIGO” rule (garbage in, garbage out) tends to apply. The evidence could well be untrustworthy, deserving challenge. Enlisting experienced legal counsel is essential.

The recent case of one couple in Fort Chaffee, serves as a case in point. The husband-wife trucking team was stopped by authorities and found to be in possession of white powder in baggies. Suspicious officers, using inexpensive test kits, checked the substance three times. The results indicated the powder was cocaine. It was baking soda. Good for all sorts of uses, the couple buys the stuff in bulk and parcels it out into baggies for use on the road. At least they did until this stop by police.

The couple found themselves arrested and incarcerated for two months, waiting for the official crime lab results to show they were innocent. Once released, it took another few months to get their impounded truck back. As this is written, they’re still reportedly trying to get their lives back to normal.

The attorneys at Robertson, Oswalt and Associates understand that officials may operate on the idea that the ends justify the means. But under the law, the rights of the individual are supposed to take precedence. To protect those rights, those facing drug crime charges should make consulting an attorney a priority.


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