A person’s debt load can be made up of many different types of debt. What kind of debt tends to be the dominate one in a consumer’s debt load? As a recent survey underscores, it depends on where a person lives.

In this GOBankingRates survey, around 3,000 Americans were asked questions about debt. Among the things the responses were used to determine was what type of debt was commonly the biggest.

At a national level, the survey found mortgages to be the top source of debt. The survey did however find there was some variation among the states when it came to biggest debt source.

The vast majority of states reflected the national trend, and had mortgages in the top spot. A handful of states though deviated from this. Arkansas was among these states. Based on the survey’s findings, medical debt is the leading debt source among the state’s consumers. Arkansas was one of only three states in which medical debt holds this spot. And it was one of only two states in which medical bills stood alone, not tied with some other debt, at the top.

Why do you think medical debt is such a big debt source here in Arkansas? How do you think Arkansas is different from other states when it comes to medical bills?

Facing high medical bills can be remarkably stressful. When a person runs into problems paying such bills, they may be very worried about what long-term impacts the debt will have on them.

Medical debt struggles are one of the problems bankruptcy can sometimes help with. When a person is wondering if bankruptcy makes sense for them given their debt load and other circumstances, they may want to promptly meet with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer.