From an attorney’s perspective, the answer to the question posed in the headline is simple. Anytime a person in Arkansas has a question related to a legal matter, they should be consulting a lawyer. Whether the matter involves family law, estate planning, financial difficulties, serious criminal charges, or something else working with experienced counsel makes sense.

This is something that most people of the millennial generation might do well to address. Millennials are made up of those who were born between 1980 and 1995. Their ages range from about 21 to the mid 30s.

By and large, they probably haven’t had much interaction with the law to this point. But as they launch into their adult years, legal issues may be more common. Following is a brief rundown of what some experts consider to be common legal problems millennials might face.

Criminal charges

These can run the gamut but none can be taken lightly. Just being arrested and charged with a drug crime can have serious repercussions that last years. Drug charges might be the most important to take seriously. The legal landscape related to marijuana is changing. Still, that doesn’t mean possession charges are a thing of the past.

The same applies to charges of driving under the influence. Depending on the circumstances of a case, the consequences can range from seemingly minor to significantly serious. The scope can be hard to gauge so working with an attorney is important.

Landlord disputes

It’s a fact that young people don’t buy homes the way they used to. Where owning isn’t the norm, renting is. Not owning means keeping the home livable may require holding the landlord accountable. If amenities promised are not being delivered, you have a right to complain. If the landlord balks, contacting a real estate attorney might be called for. If improper maintenance leads to you being injured, a personal injury attorney can help.

Job disputes

The gig economy is on the rise. Many disputes are beginning to surface over whether workers are independent contractors or regular employees. An attorney experienced in labor law is worth consulting. Ditto if you suspect discrimination of some kind.

Nor should worry about possible cost stifle anyone’s information gathering. It’s better to look for cost-effective representation than assume it’s not available.