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September 2016 Archives

If arrested for DWI, how can I know if I need an attorney?

The safest answer to the question posed above is simple. Anyone arrested in Arkansas for any criminal charge should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. You might not feel you 'need' an attorney, but you do. You have a right to one for any interaction with the police, and it can be beneficial for protecting your rights.

Questions to ask about estate administration before saying yes

A loved one dies and you are approached about administering the settlement of the estate. On one level, you feel humbled. Such a request means you're considered trustworthy. On another, you may feel over your head before you start. Before anyone in Arkansas says yes to such a request, some questions deserve answers.

Has your Arkansas condo survived the Great Recession?

The Great Recession passed some time ago. Officially, the hard times ended in 2009, though we suspect many in Little Rock and the rest of Arkansas might argue that effects still linger. Home foreclosures and asset forfeitures continue to cause headaches for many individuals.

Disinheriting can take more than dropping someone from your will

You have only one life to live. That does not mean you live a singular life. Residents of Arkansas can appreciate that life is complicated. Like a finely cut diamond, it has many facets. Additionally, most if not all those facets are affected by some law or another.

Even if Arkansas OKs medical marijuana, there could be problems

Change is about the only constant we can be sure of. How that applies to the question of medical marijuana availability in Arkansas is something that remains undecided. That could change soon too, though, because of a couple of initiatives to have the matter decided by voter this fall.

Definition of 'parent' still a work in progress

If you look up the word "parent" in Webster's New World College Dictionary, you will find definition one listed as a mother or father. Definition two puts the word in the context of ancestry. It is only at definition three that the word is addressed more generally as the relationship between any animal (or plant) and its offspring.

What should older couples pondering remarriage know going in?

We are living longer. Women tend to live longer than do men. These are not secrets that should surprise anyone in Arkansas. Indeed, longevity is so much the norm that it's more common than ever for once-married seniors to enjoy love and companionship more than once in their lives. If the U.S. Census Bureau's numbers are accurate, about one in five marriages in the U.S. are between individuals who have walked down the aisle before.

EpiPen maker's price hike and discount offer an old ploy

If you are a person in Arkansas with severe allergies, the EpiPen is more than a nice-to-have thing. If you are a parent of a child who could go into anaphylactic shock after exposure to a peanut, the issue could be the difference between life and death.

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