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July 2016 Archives

CPA can help with divorce division of valuable retirement assets

Retirement accounts, pensions, 401(k)s and the like may be most valuable assets subject to division under Arkansas' equitable distribution standard for divorce. As we have observed before, "equitable" does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split of things. It is up to the court to make the final call on what it considers fair.

Recovery from ID theft may involve physical and financial relief

Identity theft is becoming a good deal more common. It's not supposed to be easy to pull off in Arkansas, but it happens. In many ways, it's something of a race between the ne'er-do-wells committing the theft and consumers playing catch-up. The struggle to protect accounts with unbreakable passwords and personal identification numbers can be daunting. Failure can result in sudden trouble and a need for swift debt relief.

When should I talk to my aging parents about what they'll need?

If you are like most people in Arkansas, you don't imagine yourself ever being in a situation of dire need. The normal routine is that you work hard, earn a living and live within your means. If you are thinking ahead, you are contributing to a retirement plan so you will be able to live out your golden years without too much worry. If you haven't started such planning, it would be wise to begin, including estate planning as part of the project.

The police stopped me. Was it legal?

Nobody likes to be pulled over or stopped by the police. It's not that we don't expect it never to happen. It's just meant to be rare. In Little Rock and all across Arkansas, the rule of law dictates that police can't use their authority arbitrarily to target particular individuals or groups.

Legalized same-sex marriage hasn't ended all family law issues

It was only last year that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage is marriage and that states can't restrict same-sex couples from entering into such legal contracts. Whether you live in Arkansas or some other state, the law of the land now is that same-sex marriages are recognized.

Look both ways at Intersection of estate planning and family law

There are many areas of practice of the law. That might suggest to many readers that there might be little overlap, but the truth is that there can be some significant points at which everyday legal issues intersect. Working with an attorney who has experience in multiple practice areas can be helpful in making sure that one's best interests are protected, no matter where the roads cross.

High Asset Divorce: Separate financial advisers may make sense

Any Arkansas divorce can involve complicated financial elements. Valuing assets and making sure fair division of property occurs can be a challenge. It only gets more challenging if the parties involved share a significant marital estate comprised of multiple property holdings and closely held business interests.

Might there be tax pain after medical debt relief?

Earlier this year, we shed light on the challenge many people in Arkansas face due to medical debt. Despite more people now having the benefit of health care insurance, results of a survey revealed the coverage hadn't prevented a lot of respondents from running into significant financial difficulty.

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