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Helping same-sex couples with children

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2016 | Fathers' Rights, Firm News

Even though same-sex marriage is now legal throughout the U.S., gay couples can still face legal challenges when they choose to have or adopt children. Whether you’re having a child through artificial insemination, adopting a child together or one of you wants to legally adopt your spouse’s child, the attorneys at Robertson Law Firm, PLLC can help you. We work to protect our clients’ rights and to help ensure that everything is done correctly so that our clients and their children can be assured that they are indeed a family under Arkansas law.

For same-sex couples who use a sperm donor or surrogate in order to have a child, it’s essential to make sure that this third party can’t make claims on the child. That’s why experienced legal guidance is important from the beginning of the process.

If you are seeking to adopt your spouse’s child, it’s essential to legalize that relationship as soon as possible. That way, should you break up, you are still legally the child’s parent. We can help you do that.

We know that it’s not always easy to find attorneys who are experienced in same-sex family law. That’s particularly true in states like Arkansas, where same-sex marriage was banned for many years.

However, our attorneys are not only experienced. We feel strongly about helping same-sex couples ensure that their parental relationships are recognized under the law. This not only helps solidify the family unit, but provides a sense of comfort for people who have raised children as their own that those children can’t be taken away from them, regardless of what may happen with their marriage.

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