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For some, divorce can be a private Independence Day

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2016 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

Fireworks can be a sign of celebration. Special events such as the annual marking of our country’s independence, which is just days off, tend to warrant such displays. Rounds of oohs and ahhs are sure to be heard wherever you catch the pyrotechnics.

In the context of personal relationships, fireworks may be more a sign of distress. However, if you are an Arkansas couple considering divorce, we would encourage you to try to think beyond the incendiary aspects of your current life and focus on a future when the divorce will be final and you can celebrate a personal form of independence.

This may be even more important to strive for if you are facing a process that involves the valuation of complicated assets and achieving equitable division. Depending on the scope of the assets, it may be necessary to enlist the skills of various professionals, including business valuators, forensic accountants and separate financial planners who can determine how best to protect the interests and rights of both parties. A firm with the ability to serve all of Arkansas may be crucial.

By turning over the possible trigger issues to third-party advisers, you remove yourself from direct exposure to the fray. Then, once terms of settlement are reached, it becomes that much easier to honor the independence you have achieved. You can mark it on any day that you deem appropriate and start a new tradition with celebratory fireworks.

By avoiding the trigger elements that have marked your marriage you may just find it possible to say, as the Michael Bublé song says, “I’m glad that you’re the one who got away. It’s a beautiful day.”


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