When people are pulled over by law enforcement here in Arkansas for any type of moving violation, their first thought is often how long it will take for the officer or trooper to write up the citation and, of course, how much money the traffic violation is going to end up costing them.

While time and money are reasonable concerns when it comes to traffic violations, it’s important for people not to overlook the matter of their driving record. Specifically, how many points will be assessed against their driving record for the moving violation.

For those unfamiliar with the state’s Administrative Point System, it is designed to identify drivers whose conduct behind the wheel could pose a danger to themselves and the general public.

It does this assigning certain point values — anywhere from three to 14 points — for moving violations and initiating license suspension proceedings in the event a driver accumulates too many points. To illustrate, if a person is given a citation for reckless driving, they will see eight points added to their driving record.

As for how many points a driver can accumulate before the state will take action against their license, the magic number is 14 and up. Indeed, when a citation puts a driver on the threshold of 10-13 points, they will be mailed a warning letter.

Once a person reaches the point limit, a hearing will be automatically scheduled to consider a proposed license suspension. Here, the hearing officer will the option of taking no action, placing the driver on probation, restricting their driving privileges or, of course, suspending their license. Failure to attend this hearing will result in automatic suspension.

As to the length of the suspension, it depends on the amount of points on the person’s driving record:

  • 14-17 points could result in a three-month suspension
  • 18-23 points could result in a six-month suspension
  • 24 points or more could result in a one-year suspension  

Whether you are facing driver’s license suspension or simply want to learn more about challenging a speeding ticket, consider speaking with a skilled legal professional to learn more about your rights and your options.