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Divorcing? Consider checking these books out – Part I

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2016 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

If you are trying to determine whether you should seek a divorce from your spouse or if you have already filed for divorce, you are likely struggling to manage a host of frustrating thoughts and emotions. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do with these complex and diverse thoughts and emotions, especially when they can change from moment to moment.

There are many things you can do to manage this process in a healthy way. Excellent self-care, counseling, yoga, meditation, exercise in the fresh air and numerous other pursuits can help you to work through your thoughts and feelings. In addition to these relatively active pursuits, the quiet pursuit of reading can be immensely beneficial. Reading can inspire you, help you to answer questions you may have about the process and can allow you to take better care of yourself and your children.

If you are unsure of what to read at this time in your life, do not fear. Your local library, numerous bookstores and online retailers are almost certainly stocked with texts that cover numerous aspects of the divorce process. From determining whether you should divorce in the first place to breaking divorce-related news to your young children, these books will help to ease your mind and place you on a healthy and forward-looking track.

One book that may appeal to individuals at all stages of the divorce process is, “Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life” by Abigail Trafford. Whether you are concerned about what the divorce process may hold or you are already elbows-deep in the process, this book may help you to take a breath and reset your intentions and priorities.

Please check back soon. We will be discussing some additional divorce-related titles in a later post.

Source: The Huffington Post, “What to Get Your Divorcing Friend for Christmas: 20 Best Divorce Books,” Karen Covy, Dec. 23, 2015


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