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January 2016 Archives

How the FDCPA helps keep debt collectors in check - II

Previously, we started discussing how the unimaginably stressful scenario of being unable to pay bills can rapidly worsen once a person starts receiving unwanted, unrelenting and overtly hostile communications from debt collectors via the mail, the phone or even the computer.

Why getting an annulment is not as easy as you might believe

As much as we love them, popular television shows and films are responsible for perpetuating a considerable number of legal myths. While this is especially true in the area of criminal law, it also holds true in other areas like employment law, bankruptcy law and even family law.

Why you should be concerned about points added to your driving record

When people are pulled over by law enforcement here in Arkansas for any type of moving violation, their first thought is often how long it will take for the officer or trooper to write up the citation and, of course, how much money the traffic violation is going to end up costing them.

Do you know enough about the division of retirement accounts?

If asked to identify the most valuable assets that married couples have to their name, chances are good that most people would identify checking accounts, vehicles or the marital home. While these are all good guesses, the reality is the most valuable asset for many married couples is often their retirements accounts, such as 40l(k)s, IRAs and pensions to name only a few.  

Understanding more about the Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act - II

In a previous post, we discussed how life in the military, while rewarding, can nevertheless prove difficult for many single or divorced parents, as they must attempt to balance their important job duties with their role as a parent. Indeed, we discussed how this was especially true for those custodial parents who must sometimes be deployed for considerable stretches.

Survey: Insured are not immune to crippling medical debt

It's no secret that medical debt has long been one of the most common causes of financial distress for Americans. In fact, past research has definitively shown that the burden of medical debt was disproportionately borne by those lacking health insurance and that these people were by far the most likely to file for medical bankruptcy.

Divorcing? Consider checking these books out - Part II

We recently began a discussion about book titles that may benefit you if you are either thinking about divorce or have already filed for divorce. We noted that libraries, bookstores and online retailers tend to have a wealth of titles available on this subject generally. In addition, many retailers and libraries have books that deal with specific subjects related to the divorce process.

The circumstances that can lead to a prenup being challenged

Prenuptial agreements are a major part of marriage (and divorce) nowadays, even though they weren't "back in the day." Social stigmas about prenuptial agreements used to be very strong, and as a result, many people ignored prenuptial agreements or outright avoided them. But today, prenuptial agreements are an integral contract that soon-to-be-married people need to consider.

Divorcing? Consider checking these books out - Part I

If you are trying to determine whether you should seek a divorce from your spouse or if you have already filed for divorce, you are likely struggling to manage a host of frustrating thoughts and emotions. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do with these complex and diverse thoughts and emotions, especially when they can change from moment to moment.

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