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On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Firm News, Personal Bankruptcy

Once the decision is made to pursue a divorce, there is no question that things are rapidly going to become difficult from an emotional perspective, meaning difficult for the spouses, difficult for the kids, and difficult for friends and other family members.

It’s important to understand, however, that this difficulty for divorcing spouses isn’t just confined to the personal, but also encompasses the practical as well. That’s because in the aftermath of a divorce, spouses will have to find new places to live, adjust to visitation orders, make regularly scheduled support payments and, of course, learn to live on a single income.

While many spouses eventually adjust to their new realities and find themselves slowly but surely healing, others continue to experience considerable difficulty, particularly as it relates to their finances.

Indeed, the requirement to pay child support and/or alimony coupled with the sudden onset of a prolonged illness, the loss of a job or even just the inability to properly manage finances on their own can all serve to rapidly create serious financial problems for the newly divorced.

The good news is that people who find themselves in these situations post-divorce do have an option for getting out of this debt-driven downward spiral: filing for personal bankruptcy.

Indeed, while filing for Chapter 7 won’t relieve you of your duty to pay alimony and/or child support, it can help you discharge consumer debt (credit card debt, medical bills, etc.), keep your vehicle and stop foreclosure.

At Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, we know how difficult it can be to experience financial problems following a divorce, causing you to feel angry, embarrassed and perhaps even a bit fearful of what the future holds. Rest assured, we’re here to help you explore your options for debt relief and start moving down the path toward a fresh financial start.

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