As much as we are loath to admit it, we all make mistakes behind the wheel. Indeed, whether it’s slightly exceeding the speed limit to get to somewhere on time, failing to notice that a sign prohibited right turns on a red or neglecting to yield to oncoming traffic, no driver can really say that they have never committed some type of traffic violation.

While most of us realize the error of our ways and make the necessary adjustments on our own, there are others who aren’t so lucky. Indeed, their realization of the need to drive a bit more safely comes courtesy of a costly traffic violation.

After getting over their initial irritation, those unfortunate enough to be issued traffic violations will often put the documentation into their glove box or add it to the mountain of paperwork in their home.

This can prove to be a mistake, however, as the traffic ticket can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life, such that its listed court date comes and goes without the person even realizing it.

What makes this so serious is that missing the court date can result in additional fines, license suspension and even the issuance of an arrest warrant. Regarding this last point, a person could be out driving only to find themselves in the back of a squad car wondering what happened and facing criminal charges for failure to appear.

At Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, we understand how frightening and how frustrating this can prove to be. That’s why we provide all of our clients who find themselves in these situations with swift, decisive and comprehensive representation.

Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to help mitigate some of the potentially serious consequences from contacting the prosecutor to negotiate on your behalf to fighting the charges in court if necessary.

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