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Prescription drug abuse in Arkansas: literally, a weighty issue

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Firm News

Prescription drugs are of course literal lifesavers every day in the United States, with the medications that have been developed — discovered, tweaked and optimally configured — over decades through arduous research efforts keeping epidemics at bay and saving countless numbers of lives.

With that tremendous value, though, comes a clear downside associated with such drugs, namely, the propensity for their misuse.

Put in simple terms: Many people — truly many, many people — abuse those medications, a high number of which have addictive qualities. The cost of that to the nation is exceedingly high by virtually any measurement.

It certainly is in Arkansas, where prescription drug abuse is a serious, well-known and seemingly intractable problem. We note on a relevant page of our website at Robertson Law Firm a study concluding that Arkansas “led the nation in prescription drug use amongst juveniles” in a recent year.

How prevalent is the prescription drug problem in Arkansas?

Consider this. An initiative in the state to take back and destroy unused prescription drugs sitting in state residents’ medicine cabinets and elsewhere in their homes netted more than 20,000 pounds of medications recently.

That equates to 10 tons. So-called “take back” efforts in the state in recent years have collectively yielded the staggering total of more than 72 tons of unneeded prescription drugs. Reportedly, and as noted by a media report on the collections, Arkansas “ranks No. 4 in the nation for the per capita weight collected.”

That is certainly notable, with the volume obviously being a catalyst that fuels state law enforcement efforts to discover and criminally prosecute prescription drug crimes.

Any person with questions or concerns relating to this criminal law focus and prosecutorial emphasis might reasonably want to contact a proven criminal defense attorney for answers and, when necessary, aggressive legal representation.


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