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You say your long commute was a primary divorce catalyst?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

OK, so you’ve been stuck interminably in traffic going back and forth between your workplace and home for all the years of your marriage.

But, seriously, is that what you’re now contending is a primary catalyst in your divorce filing?

An incessant traffic jam?

Alright, heavy traffic might sound a little weird when it is presented as a fundamental cause for the collapse of a marriage, but who can discount any proffered reason for marital collapse in the truly wide universe of contributing possibilities?

Given that married couples are all unique, the factors that can centrally fuel marital discord and, ultimately, breed divorce can logically cover a lot of ground.

As noted in a recent media article on the myriad causes that can underlie divorce, the above reference to bad traffic is for real, with voluminous research into the driving habits of Swedes concluding that, indeed, a comparatively long daily commute is associated with a spiked divorce rate.

Other studies have weighed in with additional factors and circumstances related to a heightened potential for divorce that many people might not immediately think of or give much credence to.

Such as a couple’s first child being a girl. Maybe that does sound ridiculous, but decades of U.S. census-derived data suggest that the divorce rate is lower for couples who start their families with boys.

Do you and your spouse take pains to split the housework equally?

You’d better not, according to a study from Norway, which posits a higher divorce rate for couples that are ardently determined to do so. It is suggested that a rigid down-the-middle line in this realm might erode the spontaneity and natural love in a marriage and replace it with “a business-like partnership that leads to unhappiness.”

The bottom line, of course, is that any number of factors — either singly or working in concert — can contribute to a marriage breakdown.

People marry for many reasons, and the same can be said as regards divorce.


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