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Stepparent adoptions in Arkansas: input from proven counsel

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Child Custody, Firm News

We make reference to the “modern world” on one practice page of our website at the Little Rock-based Robertson Law Firm.

We all live in that world, of course, with most of us duly noting on a regular basis its nuanced and complex interweavings.

Few things are in black and white any more. Many things in life — politics, social mores, shifting economic realities and a host of other considerations — are in fact marked these days by fundamental shifts and demographic dislocations. What was true yesterday might not seem so absolute today. And flux today quite often brings certain change tomorrow.

Take families, for instance. Yesteryear’s often cited nuclear family — mom, dad and the kids — served as a long-time model for what a “normal” family looked like.

Although that family depiction certainly remains valid and a mainstay model in the United States, it is these days added to by many other types of family units, as well. Some families are run by single parents. In others, grandparents have close and supervisory roles. Some families are blended through divorce and remarriage. In others, both parents are of the same sex.

And, of course, some families are centrally marked by stepparent adoptions, which have become increasingly common across the country.

The attorneys at Robertson Law Firm represent parents throughout Arkansas in stepparent adoption-related matters. We take great pride in doing so, knowing that parental love is not limited by biological ties or specific legal definitions.

Such adoptions in Arkansas can be either contested or uncontested, depending on the material facts in a given case. We have experience with both types of proceedings.

For more information on our firm and the work our attorneys do in this important practice area, please visit our Little Rock Stepparent Adoption page.

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