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Volatile subject matter in the family law sphere: domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Child Custody, Firm News

On one website page at the Little Rock-based Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, we refer to cases involving “family violence and alleged family violence.”

We believe that the word “alleged” is critically important in any rational discussion of domestic violence, given the highly emotive tinge that often — and centrally — accompanies that sensitive subject matter.

It is flatly unarguable, of course, that abusive — often violent, sometimes deadly — behavior occurs in many families across the country on a daily basis. That is simply an incontrovertible and sad reality.

Conversely, though, it would be wrong and disingenuous to contend that the motives underlying claims of family violence are always pure; given the volatility and heightened emotion mentioned above, a false claim of domestic abuse is far from being a singular rarity.

Thus, victims can emerge at polar opposites in the realm of family violence. It is truly tragic in every instance where a partner, child, grandparent or other family member is subjected to physical, emotional or other forms of violence (e.g., behavior that intimidates, belittles or induces great fear). It is also lamentable when a person is falsely accused of violence and, owing to that allegation, might potentially be forced to forfeit custody rights or suffer distinct disadvantages in a divorce proceeding.

The attorneys at our law firm understand the full dimensions of abuse within the family law context. We provide vigorous and knowledgeable legal advocacy on behalf of both violence victims and persons wrongly accused of abusive behavior.

We welcome your close scrutiny of our firm, inviting you to visit us in person or at our Little Rock Order of Protection Attorneys page online.

Domestic violence is a serious and widespread issue that can encompass many variables. It must be dealt with in a timely and resolute manner.


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