Some individuals and families in Arkansas and elsewhere have problems staying financially afloat and paying off their creditors in timely fashion, despite making strong and good-faith efforts to do so.

We all know how that can happen, with representative examples being provided in high numbers through the recent years of the so-called Great Recession.

People lose jobs, for example, for circumstances entirely beyond their control. Businesses close or move overseas. Sometimes work hours are cut and vitally important benefits lost. Credit cards can be used out of sheer necessity to pay for groceries, car repairs and other essentials. Student loan exactions can carry a heavy monthly cost that stretches into decades.

And medical debt — which is perhaps the greatest financial obstacle of all for millions of people across the country, given its often unexpected emergence — can threaten family finances in a fundamentally dire way.

A bankruptcy filing — either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 — is often a consumer’s most logical response when financial obligations become flatly overwhelming.

And, candidly, for some people that sometimes means filing a second time, either while an initial bankruptcy is still ongoing or following its discharge.

The attorneys who work for Robertson Law Firm PLLC in multiple offices across Arkansas on behalf of financially struggling individuals and families know that no one wants to contemplate a second bankruptcy.

Candidly, though, filing a second time is a reality for some people, and it is beneficial for any would-be filer to know the facts regarding a second filing.

We direct interested readers to our website page entitled “Can I File Bankruptcy More Than Once?” Relevant information on multiple bankruptcy filings is contained there and, of course, our experienced and client-empathetic attorneys always stand ready to personally assist persons needing our legal help.